Reflection paper about hoe to slingshot, the history of drug race.

However, the video presents a remarkable history on how drag racing evolved to become one of the most adored motor sports in the world. Starting from the streets, drag racing began as a passionate duel for a few people. What actually made the sport fun is that there were no other comparable motor competitions at the time. This arguably made it difficult for the pioneers because they were developing a sport from scratch. Nevertheless, the passion, dedication, and the desire to make the sport better revolutionized drag racing.

The video draws interesting insight on how drag racing sport tapped from the inventions of the time. For instance, the sport began at a time when time machines were developing. In the initial competitions, the winner was determined by finishing at the front. However, the invention of time machines saw a significant shift of drag racing into a timed trial event. It can be argued that the founders of drag racing were indeed opportunistic considering the way they were taking advantage of inventions of the time. Whereas globalization has enabled modern sporting industry to tap from inventions across the globe, pioneers of drag racing deserve credit since globalization at their time was still in its infancy.

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Reflection paper about hoe to slingshot, the history of drug race.
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The history of drag racing is an epic example of self-determination. It is easy for the modern generation sport enthusiasts to enter into sport of their desire because everything has already been made up. However, the history of drag racing represents a generation that was purely driven by self-determination. Since 1940 when the sport arguably began, there were no defined sporting structures, rules, safety guidelines, infrastructure, or sponsorships. Most often, the participants used their own money and resources to make it happen. More importantly, the inventors sacrificed their own lives and spent significant amount of time away from their families.

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