Reflection Paper Education.

The director claimed that severe cuts in the budget had resulted to understaffing.

A number of variables exist in the issues discussed in the article. Politics factor in the report as being a significant variable for the crisis of 2012. The report claims that the 2012 crisis resulted due to increased political pressures on the district to use revenues that are available in a particular year. In 2010, developments in politics led to the election of Tom Corbett as governor. Corbett had to cut the state’s spending to balance the budget. The result was a seven percent reduction in education subsidy and other massive cuts on grants offered by the state for education (Caskey et al.).

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The economic variable also features in the article. The article opines that enrollment in public schools gradually declined after the beginning of inflation. The laws of the State need all schools to have equal distribution due to an increasing number of students attending Charter School. Currently, Charter Schools educate thirty percent of the district’s public school students (Caskey et al.). The development of charter school contributes to financial crisis faced by the schools in the area. These variables affect the way the article reports the financial woes. The author gives much attention to political developments in the district’s State, the economic factors of U.S. and Chatter School enrollment.

The report has an outstanding agenda that is to bring to light the fiscal situation of the district of Philadelphia. It points out that the district has entered into a dangerous cycle that encourages more students to relocate to Charter School. This undertaking further weakens the financing of the schools in the area and encourages students’ exit. The report has similarities with Schools presented by Kozol in Savage Inequalities.

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