Reflective Learning Commentary.

Therefore, the child is more demanding with regard to the effort that parents need to put in. Although Sam’s parents are handling the situation appropriately, it is evident that it is causing psychological strains among the family members (Brereton 2010, p.40).

Daisy is young and fails to understand her brother’s condition. As such, she cannot bring her friends to their house. Daisy seems ashamed of her brother’s condition and thinks her friends might abandon her find out about her brother’s disorder. This kind of reaction is expected from such a tender girl. Despite Sam’s parents commitment, which is commendable, it is evident Sam’s condition is wearing down the family. Consequently, they will require financial help to enable them acquire services of a specialist who can facilitate Sam’s rehabilitation. This would reduce the burden to the parents. Additionally, the couple will require counselling to enable them deal with the psychological strains that result from the strains that family is encountering. Many people may overlook the psychological implication, but it is vital to seek professional assistance. The psychological therapy for the couple is critical since it may assist with marital problems that may emanate due to the strenuous nature of their parental responsibilities. Finally, the couple may require financial assistance to enable them meet Sam rehabilitation expenses (Osteen 2008, p.78).

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Reflective Learning Commentary.
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This notification is to inform this agency the resources that the above couple requires to support their son, Sam. Sam is an autistic child, as such, he requires constant care form his parents. This has reduced the hours they can work as such reducing their earning considerably. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson have made this noble choice by not abandoning their son who has certain incapacities. However, this has come at a cost.

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