Reflective paper

The concept of the Dreaming.

It is the commonality tying all Australian indigenous groups and guiding them through all aspects of life. People see it as an embodiment of creation giving meaning to everything. It is said to establish rules that govern relationships between people, land and every existing thing for the aboriginal people. Edward refers to the dreaming as the time that the aboriginal people came to existence (Bingham, 2004).

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Reflective paper
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The dreaming is by far the most prominent views and ideals of the indigenous people despite the vast variety amongst the aboriginal people across Australia. Indigenous Australia was and is a multi-cultural society. Although quite a number of groups across the whole of Australia had their own languages distinct from each other also different life styles and dreaming stories, all of them had teachings concerning the natural and spiritual worlds, proper behaviors among themselves and also the laws that would govern the society(Caruana, 2003). There are three waves of migration into Australia. Edward termed the Ocean Negritos first wave’, with Murrayians being the second, and Carpentarians being the third. All the migrated people groups of the people that migrated had a diversified language. The number Aboriginal tongues were estimated to be 6000 in the entire Australia at that time. The diversity came up with different values and faith in the entire Dreaming era. The importance of Dreaming every bit of life forces the humans, the land, flora, fauna, the ancestral beings, and natural phenomena is inextricably and eternally connected to every other part (Buist, 2011).

There are three key aspects of the dreaming. This includes the spiritual beings, kinships and dreaming stories. As seen earlier despite the differences in the languages or the land, they were born in the aboriginal people had common beliefs on the spiritual beings.

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