Reflective writing.

It is therefore SOSE is becoming an essential part of almost all educational institutions to rear the new generation within a culturally diverse society. The primary purpose of the Studies of Society and Environment learning area is to help young people develop the ability to make reasoned and informed decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse,

democratic society in an interdependent world. (, Sep 8, 2004)

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Tasmania is an important Australian state containing amalgamation of many ethnic groups and cultures. It is estimated that Tasmania was joined to the main land nearly 10,000 years ago. (Wikipedia Encyclopaedia) The arrival of European nations in the state, in 17th Century, introduced acculturation between the Europeans and the local Aborigines leading towards changes in traditions, language, living style, cults and political and economic conditions turning Tasmania into a diversified region. Moreover, clemency in immigration policies and comfortable sources of travelling in modern times of globalization has brought remote areas and cultures nearer to one another. Though, all the ethnic groups, including Aborigines and others, abide by law while interacting with other individuals, yet differences in cultural values existing in environment creates difficulties. Keeping in mind the socio-cultural situation, educationalists laid stress in providing children with such learning during their initial school years that may help them in making adjustments according to their diversified cultural and social set up. Many educators have favoured models such as SOSE because they do not believe that all the students are suited to, or interested in secondary studies.

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