Rehabilitation Plan.

Leaders from different origin should come together and discuss to the public the importance of encouraging physical education among the youths as a tool for the advancement of economic, societal and personal health condition to an individual.

Leaders need to improve the level of development and improve the relationship between the people in charge. Committed leaders also take into consideration the process of engaging with other stakeholders to discuss together major issues that need to be improved within their locality in a significant manner. On the other hand, leaders and their representatives need to conduct significant meetings within their communities due to the fact that they understand best their cultures and need to act as mediators to their subjects (SDCMHC, 2010). Committed leaders are always after stress free state to all members of the society. Mental health can be improved by the involvement in constructive activities that can be organized by leaders.

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Community leaders, however, need to organize good strategies for improving the ethnicity and cultural range by building, strengthening, developing and problem solving amongst members of the community. Through maintaining all these factors by a leader, both the youths and the adults will get an opportunity to improve their psychological nature of thinking and improvement of physical health by organizing tournaments for rehabilitation purposes.

Both the CS4L and SDCMHC agreed that all should provide respect, training, development, employment opportunities and cultural competence to ensure positive production at all levels with regardless of color, race, origin, religion, sex, marital status, political differences and disability among others to foster rehabilitation processes within and between the members of the society (SDCMHC, 2010).

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