Religion and Gender minorities.

This is alarming since such a societal dilemma devastates the quintessence of equality and fairness. As a matter of fact, there are many undesirable upshots which resulted from bigotry. Some of its most pressing consequences are the excessive assertions of individualistic standpoints, anti-Semitism, character assassinations, et al. In response to this pressing societal concern, this treatise will elaborate on bigotry and its relative complications. This will analyze the nature of religious bigotry and how it obliterates our rights, at least, as human beings proportionately created by God and endowed with freedom to perform according to our individual principle. This exposition shall consolidate these embellishments with quotes from the book Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander written by Thomas Merton who explained how individualism and religious bigotry slays the truest meaning of unity. Furthermore, this will expound on how an exclusive identification of religion and the defiance to recognize diversity of religious customs can indefinitely blind someone who considers his or her own belief as the only true and united conviction which should remain unduplicated.

Religious bigotry can be characterized as hatred or intolerance toward others who do not belong to the same faith or religious practices. Generally, it is the idea of religious individualism and exclusiveness as asserted by unwillingness to accept or contend with the variations in religion. Religious bigotry has been occurring since the time of the Romans until today. Sociologists postulated that the origin of religious bigotry was inspired by a persons poor self-esteem and intolerance towards another person who is of inferior order in the society. Religious bigotry has resulted to numerous persecutions since the time of the Romans.

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Religion and Gender minorities.
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