The author discusses issues such as the upbringing of an individual and the impacts of such upbringing on their behaviors in the later stages of life. For instance, the article seeks to find out why some people commit the crimes or show the deviant behaviors they do.

What motivates them when they commit such acts? The author also integrates research and findings from different authors to make his discussion about the subject as valid as possible. Theories that define the behavior and psychology of an individual that makes them deviant or break the law are discussed. The study synthesizes and integrates longitudinal research about antisocial behavior during childhood, delinquency during adolescence and crime in adulthood with theories that seek to explain the phenomena.

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All over the world, statistics indicate that most crimes are committed by adolescents. Violent and property crimes were found to be highest among teenagers between the ages of 16 and 18. Afterwards, rates of crime were found to reduce such that crime rates among the populations between the ages of 40 onwards were much lower. The youths are overrepresented with in crime as were shown using multiple sources of measurements. These were through self, official reports, offenders’ and victims’ reports. The reports studied by various researchers show that there is direct correlation between childhood experiences and crime and deviant activities during adulthood (Kubrin et al 2009, p123).

Criminal behavior may not reach peak during adolescence, but criminal behavior and delinquency continues throughout the life course. The issues of age and crime arise, but the most important issue is the fact that some factors may contribute to crime and deviance. Such factors can include, but not limited to unemployment, difficult childhood, the environment and parentage.

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