Research and Methodology paper 2.


According to the health practice standard, every human being is responsible for quality health practices. Every person is involved in one way, or another to create a better health environment in the community. The health practitioners are accountable for the quality of health services they discharge to members of the community. The code of professional conduct demands that every decision made by the health practitioners is justified according to existing ethics and ethical behaviour standards. In that essence, many agree that the development of treatment on various conditions that affect many people is directly dependant to the research availed to the health practitioners. Research is dependable for facilitating and determining the cure for various conditions (Weinbroum, Ekstein & Ezri 2002).

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Research and Methodology paper 2.
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Research is also necessary for the determination of processes during administration of medicines. Apart from medical decision, research is critical in that it helps the practitioners be satisfied that the conditions affecting people are treatable under determined conditions. Research has provided the backbone for nursing practitioners to develop their practices and improve service delivery to members of the community who visit various health centres.

The research methodology discusses or rather critiques individual research delivered under the operating practitioners department. Operating department practitioners fall under the umbrella of health care providers. Their main tasks involve is providing the patient with perioperative care. They manage operations towards safe and secure results. They are employed in medical operating departments. Even so, they can be allocated to other departments since they have a wide array of clinical and surgical knowhow. In most hospitals or health centres, they are mainly found in the accident and emergency units, intensive care units, and the ambulance service

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