Research proposal Motivation

Research proposal Motivation, reward and tragets: Are people more likely to perform relative to a goal if it is consistent with personal values and standards or will bring recognition or improved reputation.

Particular methodology will be followed for conducting the research successfully. Various limitations of research methodology will be focused in this paper. In the last section of this research paper a timeline will be developed for designing actions for the research topic.

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Research proposal Motivation
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The research question of this paper is, “whether people perform more effectively if organisational goals are consistent with their standards and values or if the organisation provides reputation and recognition to its employees”.

This research is conducted for understanding the influence of values and standards of people in achieving the goals of the organisation. Different types of people works within a company. The performance of some people is influenced by the recognition or reputation they received in the company. The research proposal will describe which factors play significant role in motivating people for delivering good performance. This topic is relevant with the performance of the people because organisation aims to achieve its goals with the help of its employees. For this reason companies try to motivate its employees by different ways for fulfilling their goals. By analyzing the research topic the organisation will be able to understand which factors influence its organisational members more. My proposed work will help me to have a clear knowledge about the contribution of motivation, targets and rewards in influencing the performance of the people. Already I know that motivational factors vary from person to person. For this reason organisation performs different functions and activities for influencing employees in achieving its goals and objects.

According to the Steele-Johnson, Beauregard, Hoover and Schmidt, motivating employees is one of the important functions of the company. Different employees get motivated by different things.

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