Resolving the nursing shortage.

The author’s discussion point out to the lack of motivational support for new nursing professionals and the lack of competitive professional incentives. In such cases, many nursing graduates do not pursue the career or enrichments that are necessary to maintain and develop skills. One of the interventions proposed is in the development of effective professional and educational partnerships such as those developed by the University Health System Consortium joined with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing sponsored residence programs that allow new graduates not only a venue to practice their learning but also exposes them to the potential and rewards of the nursing profession.

Based on the results of two cohort studies on the participation of nursing graduates in the year-long residence program, participants expressed greater commitment to the nursing profession due to exposure of the program and greater satisfaction in nursing as a career. One of the best indicators of the success of the program is in increasing retention rate of resident nurses to 89% from previous turnover rates ranging from 40 to 50%. Dracup and Morrish however also recognize that instituting similar comprehensive programs can prove to be challenging particularly in cases were there are existing deficiencies in professionals, resources and expertise for the programs.

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Resolving the nursing shortage.
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The conclusion was that such efforts that consider professional and personal development at the beginning of the nurses’ careers is an effective means of encouraging them to pursue their careers and competencies which are critical if demands of the profession are to be adequately met. Dracup and Morrish’s concerns and views are echoed in a significant number of researches.

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