This week, you will be working on making a presentation to the board and provide a valid recommendation for an ERP system. As you begin your work this week, think about the importance of knowing your audience as you develop your presentation. How can you determine if you have enough detail in your presentation? Do you think perhaps you include too much technical requirements and not enough overview of the project? Discuss how you will create a presentation that describes the project and provides just the right amount of information that is required.

Respond Requirement “In responding to your peers, explain why third-party products are needed to round out ERP system functionality. Describe the infrastructure components and what is involved in choosing and installing the components.”

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1.Trnton Jhnsn

ERP Implementations

Knowing your audience before preparing for a presentation is important. Depending on the scope of work and purpose of the meeting certain aspects must be examined. The first one being to be sure that the audience can be engaged and understand what is being presented. This can be done by making sure to many technical verbiages isn’t used. We must have the mindset that everyone isn’t technical so using simple terms would be best to ensure understanding. Being that we are in the IT industry it is easy for us to follow abbreviations or the shortcuts of IT equipment. Chances are that key leaders in the meetings won’t have that same knowledge. When communicating in these meetings the presenter must keep that in mind.

When creating this presentation finding a balance that describes the projects and have the right amount of information will be the focus. One important factor of finding the right balance when it comes to meetings is for everyone to be open and honest with each other. There is no use sitting around a table and going through action points if what is being said is not being completely honest, regardless of how critical it may be (Tater, 2017). One way I think we can accomplish this goal is by elaborating on each portion of the project. Breaking the project down into parts but thoroughly explaining in detail the process will give enough information as well as explain what the project will be about.

2. Zchry Goggs

Communication is arguably the biggest thing that can make an implementation successful or a failure so it is very critical to not only communicate but knowing your audience and how to communicate properly with them. When dealing with presenting to a board, you need to think about the important information that they are looking for. If I was presenting to a board on a recommendation for an ERP system I would highlight both benefits and risks. I think too many times you see presentations about how something can benefit you but it is also important to talk about the risks and what those are so in the event that something doesn’t go as smooth no one is blindsided. Another area where the board will be very interested in is the return on investment. They will want to know how much it will cost and how much it will save in the long run. Another important thing to communicate is how this system will streamline processes and make things easier for end users.

When dealing with a presentation to the board you should not include too much technical requirements. This is because most board members aren’t too concerned with them and are more interested in how this will help the organization as a whole. You may have a board member or two that wants to know more technical stuff so you should try and learn who the board members are and what their backgrounds are before presenting just so you can be prepared if there are those technical questions being asked (Smith, 2016).

Overall, communication is a critical step. Ensuring everyone is on board and understands what the task at hand is and what risks there might be could very easily be the different between success and failure.

3. Engbt K

Generally, preparing for a presentation is a very important aspect in presenting an enriching and accurate presentation. Preparing a presentation can be an overwhelming experience if you allow it to be one. There are a number of important steps involved in planning for and making an accurate presentation, especially when it comes to recommendations for ERP implementation as explained below: (IT Learning and Development, Penn State University, 2017.).

Firstly, when preparing a presentation, it is important to take into consideration who your audience is. This can be done by obtaining some information on the backgrounds, values, and interests of your audience so that one will understand what the audience members might expect from your presentation. Especially in the process of implementing the ERP System. (IT Learning and Development, Penn State University, 2017.).

Secondly, with a topic of interest to the audience and to you. It will be much easier to deliver a presentation that the audience finds relevant, and more enjoyable to research a topic that is of interest to you. A topic that the audience will learn much from depending on the type of audience, whether it’s a Technical or non-Technical audience, based the objective and the level of the content on the amount of time you have for the presentation and the background knowledge of the audience. (IT Learning and Development, Penn State University, 2017.).

Thirdly, in making a presentation the following facts are most important and must be considered, Present data and facts, read quotes from experts, relate personal experiences, Provide vivid descriptions. Once you have thought about the design of your presentation, you can define your main points, make sure to present no more than three main points in a ten-minute presentation. Always allow time for an adequate introduction and conclusion. (Ledlum, 2010.).

It is important to have supporting information as it helps your audience understand, believe in and agree with your main points. This evidence might take the form of factual data, points of detail or an explanation of process. It might be presented in imaginative ways using diagrams, pictures or video segments. (Ledlum, 2010.).

The introduction to your presentation is crucial, just like your conclusion is another important stage in your presentation. You can use it to remind your audience of your main points. (Ledlum, 2010.).

When recommending an ERP, I will begin by defining what it is and what it does. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is an integrated set of programs that supports the core organizational activities such as manufacturing, logistics, finance, accounting, sales, marketing, and human resources. An ERP system can be used by different departments in an organization to share data and knowledge, reduce costs, and improve the management of the business processes. An ERP system makes information sharing easier and provides an electronic medium for the information sharing within an organization and amongst various departments and/or business units. (Ledlum, 2010.).

Furthermore, I will give the advantages of an ERP system. stating when information is manually transferred from one depm1ment to another and/or business units, the information could be misplaced, lost, or incorrectly entered into another system. When organizations have multiple systems the chance of errors increases. (Ledlum, 2010.).

The use of an ERP system could enable personnel within an organization to share information across the entire organization and update the information when necessary. Whether the organization is in a developing country and/or a developed country, the ERP system could make information sharing easier and available electronically. (Ledlum, 2010.).

Within every business today, it is important to seek the implementation of an ERP system. There are reasons why companies should implement an ERP system. These reasons for implementing an ERP system are:

Integration of financial information, Integration of customer order information, Standardization of and the speeding up of manufacturing processes, Reduction of inventory level, and Standardization of Human Resource information operating a business in a rapidly changing and highly competitive environment is a primary purpose of implementing an ERP system. (Ledlum, 2010.).

The type of ERP system depends on the organizations needs and processes. An organization needs to know what it intends to use the ERP system, before applying for it. More to that its important to consider Infrastructure components are:

Hardware are all the computer devices and peripherals needed to run an ERP system as it requires a powerful set of servers for the development, testing and production environments, and Software set of operating instructions and logic called programs that control and direct computer hardware to be able to perform its function.  Without this, a computer is worthless and unusable.

The Cost of implementation. ERP implementation is costly and time consuming, the benefits are with the investment. With careful planning and selection of the ideal ERP system.

Finally, ERP needs a careful planning and selection is important, but success is only achieved when the organization takes the time to develop a training and education plan prior to beginning the ERP implementation. Worth noting as well is that Implementing a new ERP system does not guarantee successful results. Very few ERP implementation research could result in success the very first time, while others could be total failures. (Ledlum, 2010.).


use single spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Sources should be cited according to APA citation method (citation should be relevant and current). Page-length requirements:2 PAPARAGRAPHS FOR EACH PROMPT ANSWER. Make sure you cite if you take a piece of someone’s work, very important and your reference should relate to your writing (don’t cite a reference because it relates to the course and not this very paper) at least 2 current and relevant academic references. No heavy paraphrasing of others work.

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