Retail management case study.

With the help of Simon’s decision-making structure one can examine the decision making process. Also, included in the model is the time and cost savings of the customers. The satisfaction levels can also be measured with this model. Apart from the design and choice factors the consumers also give due consideration to cost and time savings factor.

These aspects affect the consumers greatly and help them to make the decision accordingly. In the present structure of online shopping the comparison shopping agents play an active role between the suppliers and the consumers in order to yield efficient markets. But the recent days shopping agents are mostly determined by the price factor and it is not dependent on the supplier and consumer differentiation.

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However, in spite of tremendous growth in the Web commerce and the superlative growth of consumers now making purchase online it is not very clear what actually makes the consumers purchase from the online shopping malls. The most important characteristics of the online retailers is that they allow the vendors to make their own unique interactive web pages, enabling

the consumers to decide accordingly as per their needs and comfort zone. These tools are a great differentiator in terms of consumer preferences and can change a shopper from one website to the other. The product information available can help the customers to take the decisions accordingly.

But while making the decision the consumers at times are unable to evaluate all the available alternatives with in depth analysis. Hence they use primarily a two stage process while taking such a decision. These are:

Considering this the consumer requires the correct tools in order to select the most appropriate commodity. These tools are very effective to make the initial decision much easier. The in-depth analysis can also be made before deciding on the final product.

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