Review course assignments.

Unit 2 assignment requires the learner to create a memo that describes the strategic decision-making process in an organization, particularly the criteria used in making and testing of the assumptions held by decision makers. The information needed will be obtained through secondary data analysis, particularly browsing the web and reading textbooks. This assignment will improve the skills of the learner in making critical decisions in an organization as a manager or executive.

Unit 3 assignment requires one to develop a job grading schedule for appraising the performance of Frontline supervisors (Beck, 2013). To obtain the information on grades and weights for each item, a survey will be conducted in personnel management firms. This assignment information will boost the learner’s personnel management skills, concerning performance management and job evaluation.

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Unit 4 assignment requires the learner to complete an assessment measuring program-level learning outcomes. The evaluation information will be answered based on the opinion of the student about expectations and experiences in the program. This will facilitate the improvement of the program to reflect current market experiences and skills needed for management students.

Unit 5 assignments involve a comparison of the two organizations on various business aspects, mainly organizational strategic management processes, design, culture and management styles (Charles Hill, 2012). The data required for this assignment will be obtained through a survey of the two organizations.

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