Review of Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut.


He eventually decides to drop from his position as a manager and comes to a conclusion that he needs to redefine his goals in life. In a surprising move, Paul decides to become a member of a revolution that takes part in revolting against authority. Ultimately, he becomes a member of the group and eventually gets carried away by the transpiring events that unfolds it progresses. The events spin out of control and it is possible to note that he is not in a position to control his actions. At the end of the novel, the group is finally able to disabling the machines. However, they leave with a dreary reminder that knocks on their conscience every dawning day that the machines will always come back. They also have to live with the facts that assert that history is always going to repeat itself culminating into a cycle that never ends.

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Review of Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut.
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The most significant background information that is essential in understanding the concepts behind the novel concerns industrial revolution. In reference to history and economic studies, this was a movement that traditionally took place in the 19th century. At this time, there were numerous efforts that focused on the establishment and development of industrial technology such as factories and railroads. These advents completely changed the ways in which the industry had operated in the past. Machinery came into play and this meant that this technology was able to perform the task that human labor took care of in a better manner. The machines performed these tasks at a faster rate that was cheaper at the same time. The quality of life was eventually going to improve for those that ranked top positions. Some people lauded the movement and referred to it as a relief because they thought that the machines were going to perform their respective duties for them.

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