Review on Psychology

Review on Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling by Mark McMinn copyright 1996.

er to strengthen families and individuals, Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling offers a new directive for those seeking counseling: participate with a heart open to the Lord and He, along with your counselor, will help to heal your pain. This book is a tremendous testament to the masterful power of God’s love—as it is revealed through one’s Christian counselor’s actions. The co

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Review on Psychology
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unselor is meant to be a guidepost during a time of at-times difficult emotional turmoil. The counselor is meant to be a friend, caring, compassionate, kind, loving, and trustworthy for all parties being counseled when there is some problem that must be resolved. Christian counseling, this book has revealed, is a great way to tackle problems that one finds faced with at any point in life. McMinn masterfully tells the tale of what counselors (and their clients) will go through in Christian counseling, highlighting the positives and the negatives of the experience. Of course, Christian counseling is not necessarily for everyone, but a Christian counselor can definitely refrain from being nonjudgmental and open to speak to people of all backgrounds and faiths. As such, they will not necessarily discriminate against or turn away a client just because the client is not Christian. Christian values are just the underpinnings of Christian counseling, and while it may not be an option that non-Christians are excited about, they must know that they will still receive excellent treatment if they decide to choose a Christian counselor. Whereas with other faith traditions one must have the same faith as the counselor, that is not true of Christian counseling. One need not be Christian in order to attend Christian counseling, but Christian values form the basis for the ethics in counseling to which the counselors adhere. That having been said, Christian counseling can be very effective depending on which counselor one has.

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