Revised website design.

It is originally presented as that of a simple webpage within dozens of all the other pages in the College’s website. With this, the project aims to give The Mishkin Art Gallery its own identity by providing it an independent say of introducing itself to the World Wide Web. In its redesigned state, The Sidney Mishkin Art Gallery Website makes it easier for the target visitors to find important details. It focuses its usability to the people who will be interested in mainly about the gallery.

By removing the pages that does not have much to do with the gallery site proper, the usability of the website is simplified to the main details intended for a person who would like to visit the gallery site. The main particulars that these target audience would be looking upon are usually the dates of exhibitions, brief information about a current exhibit, a past exhibition and the gallery’s collections. All these have been included in the redesigned version of The Sidney Mishkin Art Gallery.

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Revised website design.
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Another thing that would be easily recognized is that the redesigned site is aesthetically presented to look poised and elegant. This is offered in the ambience of the design. A black background that would highlight black and white and even colored photographs would enhance the impression left to the interested visitors of the gallery. The blackness classically frames a featured visual at the main page of the site which would increase its elegance since it promotes art as a main subject to contemplate upon.

The navigational usability and functions has also been considered in creating the redesigned version of The Sidney Miskin Art Gallery website. The navigational buttons have been arranged in a way that it will easily be accessed by potential gallery viewers. As mentioned earlier, the main subpages that have been included ranked the Present Exhibitions page, the Past Exhibitions page, and the Exhibition Catalogs.

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