Rhetorical Analysis: Derrick Jensens Forget Short Showers.

The benefits accruing will fall on the person and not the universe. After all, very few people own cars in the world. Environmental challenges do not affect individuals, but the whole world. The perpetrator of deforestation in Africa has a ripple effect on China because environmental change knows no frontiers. Therefore, the advice that simple living is a sure way of saving the world is misplaced according to Jensen. Jensen is addressing the world. This is a global concern – climate change and management. So serious is this concern that it rarely escapes the attention of any human being on the planet (Karl and Trenberth 1720). Others would think Jensen only targets environmental enthusiasts who are either policymakers or students of environmental law. However, Jensen’s sentiments touch on every aspect of human life, from consumption to death. Jensen’s work is a balance of the Aristotelian rhetorical appeals as discussed hereunder. These make the work substantial and authoritative as an academic source and a guide to policy change in the realm of an environment. Jensen has given a good ethos for his argument. The author has written several articles on environmental matters. One of the most acknowledged pieces is Thought to Exist in the Wild: Awakening from the Nightmare of Zoos (2007). The latter bagged Jensen an award while the former is persuasive enough too. These writings establish Jensen’s credibility as a qualified author and advisor on environmental issues. Jensen speaks to an audience that adheres much to the capitalist values. These values stress the need to accumulate as much personal wealth as possible to the exclusion of any other person (Storm 1020). In so doing, Jensen notes that people disregard the existence of others in the universe and, therefore, destroy the natural resources that are meant to serve everyone in equal measures.

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Rhetorical Analysis: Derrick Jensens Forget Short Showers.
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