Risk in Multitasking.


Managing different projects at the organization is important. Tasks need to be assigned to employees accordingly. If too much tasks are assigned, then it will result in chaos and employees would not be able to complete the tasks. Therefore a project manager needs to make sure that tasks are assigned appropriately and employees are not overburdened because they can give only a limited time at work and if more work is assigned to them then they may not be able to complete the work within the time or maintain high quality of work (Kerzner, 2003).

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 Risk in Multitasking.
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The main findings of the article are similar to what I have encountered at the workplace. Even at my organizations, manager tends to assign different tasks without even asking whether the previous task has been completed or not. Such a situation impacts the concentration of the employees. If tasks are given one at a time to employees, then they would be able to better manage the task and complete it with better quality. Organizations should also manage the tasks in a way that too many tasks are not assigned to the employees at a time.

In this article, it has been analyzed that the projects were not managed appropriately. Managing the resource in projects is critical in making sure that the project is completed within the cost, time and scope. If the projects are not managed considering the resources the organization has, then it will result in such situations and the projects will not be completed (Hamilton,

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