Robotic Surgery.


The robot equals the doctors’ movement in performing the procedures using small instruments. Incorporation of progressed human resource in hospitals has created a big impact in resource utilization in the economic sectors (Gharagozloo, & Najam, 2009). If hospitals can implement better human resource strategies that provide better working conditions for workers, it will create an improvement of patient care through streamlined processes, minimized medical errors and reduced duplication. Medical errors such as performing wrong surgery and administering wrong dosage could be easily avoided if computerized providers order systems are used (Satava, & Network for Continuing Medical Education, 2001).

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Robotic Surgery.
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Human Resources accustom fresh employees to the working environment through various ways. The most fundamental way of introducing a new employee in the Surgery section is complete orientation program. According to Stock & Lanteri, (2008), Orientation enables new employees to engage in commitments so as to achieve success. This also enables them to understand basic expectations, Hospital policies and culture. Orientation provides commitment and awareness to patient focused care and customer service. This results to a sense of pride to the hospital. Orientation to regulatory and legal requirements provides a platform to get conversant with the healthcare environment.

Improved Human resource and medical operations in surgical robotic systems allows for more precise performance of technical procedures, pre-programmed task and less hostile surgical procedures. Advanced medical technology through enhanced human resource will create an impact on the kind of medical care for different medical conditions in a period of time

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