Sampling Plans.


In this type of sampling the population will be numbered and thus a person to participate in the research will be chosen after every given interval. The method is used because different healthcare providers are going to be considered and thus in each of those groups, a few people will be selected randomly for study (Sharp, Peters, & Howard, 2002).

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Sampling Plans.
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In this study any healthcare provider, be it nurses, doctors, health insurance providers will is eligible for participating in the study. An educational forum will be called from which the groups will be identified and a number of people selected from each group. A total of 5 people will be used for each group or category of healthcare providers who will be available. The seminar or workshop should bring together many people and this will make it easier to get the participants.

In protecting the participants, an independent study will be carried out to ascertain the risks and benefits of the study on the population before the study can begin. The participants will be asked to give consent before being selected for participation and confidentiality will be maintained at all times as no names or personal details of the participant will be mentioned.

In this study the sampling design to be used will be simple random sampling in which hospitals will be identified in the whole country. After being identified, they will be categorized on the basis of counties and thus five hospitals will be selected for study in each of the counties across the nation. In the county, the total number of hospitals will be taken however selection will be done after every two hospital of the total number of hospitals selected.

All the large and the small in size hospitals will be considered for the study with a total number of 100 hospitals expected to be used in the study.

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