Sanpshot for PR class.

The campaign aims at encouraging them to seek appropriate support and care for psychological health concerns.

Print materials including brochures and advertisement cards were used for informing veterans, service members and their families on the presence of help for psychological and other support measures (Ruolo, 2013).

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Sanpshot for PR class.
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Real warriors collaborated with organizations and individuals to aid in spreading the resources and information on the help available to the affected as well as the avenues through which they can be able to access this treatment including Deployment Health Clinical Center, National Center for Telehealth and Technology, and Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center.

Mobile websites and an interactive website were the other strategies used to ensure access to campaign materials to the supporters of the campaign and ensuring the resources, videos, social media, live chat, and other outreach areas provided for the affected members of the community

Social media were used in the Real warrior’s campaign through reaching out to military personnel and their families with information on psychological help and support as well as requesting other members to join the course

The Real warrior’s campaign has been successful in meeting the needs of the audience to which the campaign was directed and has been able to achieve augmented numbers of veterans, family, and service men receiving treatment and rehabilitation.

In my opinion, the campaign is well handled and received with an emphasis on the messages tailored for the veterans, service members, and their families. The messages of the campaign and objectives are well stated, and testimonial videos from military personnel and veterans suffering from mental illnesses are very compelling (Acosta et al., 2012).

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