Science and Technology Education for young child.

From a constructivism point of view, it has been discussed that humans acquire understanding through collaborations not just in ideas but also with experiences. This view point is combined with Bloom’s taxonomy of learning which was published during the 1950s which was way outdated compared to technology that is being used in lately in academes. This theory is composed of three domains. 1) cognitive or knowledge, 2) affective or attitude, and 3) psychomotor or skills (Anderson, et al, 2011).

This type of teaching has 3 major objectives. The first of which is increasing the involvement of students. Multiple ways of knowing constitute the 2nd major objective while the 3rd aim of inquiry-based teaching is sequential phase of cognition. The inquiry-based teaching is actually a form of inviting students to an active way of learning instead of just being pacified with information (Franklin).

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Science and Technology Education for young child.
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Science and technology is not an easy subject to explain in early childhood education. Teachers should be able to get the grasp first of what is need to be taught before actually structuring it to the most basic as it can get for these children to understand. The educators would be faced in a challenge in explaining a sometimes complex subject to children who have so many questions based on what have been observed or explained at their own households. Letting a child to experiment and explore things would be a better way of teaching children of this age bracket the concepts without them having doubts on the educator’s credibility. This is done by observing.

As it has been prior known that children tends more to believe what have been seen, if a certain thing or scientific event has been observed by the child, it would be more believable onto them what is being explained by teachers. Though questions may still arise, there is a visible proof that the children can see and get the grasp of the concept which is being taught (Harland & Rivkin, 2004).

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