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From this paper it is clear that the three topics stated in this work constitute the broader multi-varied issues in philosophy that have maintained the highest level of scholarly excellence.This research highlights that the argument brought forth by Bernstein, fundamental attribution error is also known as the attribution effect or the correspondence bias. This is the people’s tendency to put undue emphasis on the internal characteristics while trying to give explanation on someone’s behaviour in a given situation instead of considering external factors. The philosophy doesn’t explain the interactions of the individual’s own behaviour, in cases where situational factors can be recognized more easily and thus be put as part of consideration. Assume that you hear a fellow classmate give wrong answer in class. You will, most likely attribute this behaviour to an internal cause and possible conclude that the classmate is not smart. When making such conclusions one fails to acknowledge the fact that there might be possible external causes, for instance, lack of study time.&nbsp.A related kind of cognitive bias is the ultimate attribution error. As&nbsp. per to this error, when a member of an ethnic or a social out-group, that is, individuals we view as&nbsp. different happen to achieve anything positive, we align that behaviour to luck or something of an external influence.&nbsp.Conversely when people we have a positive of do something good we tend to attribute that to integrity and or any good internal cause.

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