Search engine marketing.


On the other hand, Pay per Click increases the visibility of the paid components only.

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Search engine marketing.
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Today, there are various vendors of Search Engine Marketing. The use of SEM rapidly increased in 1992 following the increase in the number of websites in the internet (Andreas, 2008). Today, the largest SEM vendors include Yahoo! Search Marketing, Google and Microsoft adCenter. Search Engine Optimization involves the identification of keywords, saturation and popularity of the site. The saturation of a website is analyzed using the number of pages that can be indexed in the search engines. On the other hand, popularity of the site is the number of backlinks associated with the site. This means that the advertising website should contain the keywords that people are search for in the internet and that these words rank high on the search engine.

Pay per Click, also known as paid inclusion, entails a search engine company charging a fee for inclusion of a website in their pages (Richard, 2010). The use of search engine as a form of advertising is an imperative modality of internet marketing. This is attributed to the fact that more than 80% of people rely on search engine in locating products on the internet. In addition, it is cost effective compared to the traditional form of advertising using print and broadcasting media. Search engine marketing facilitates the increase of sales as it is accessible to many users at the same time. It also overcomes the challenge of geographical boundaries as the internet is accessible globally. Although it is cost effective, it is an intricate method that necessitates the use of consultancy services from professional. This adds to the cost of advertising online.

There has been a rise in the use of search engines for shopping. After a shopper has undergone the research cycle, search queries change into terms which reflect the buying mindset.

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