Season of migration to the North.

The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Mustafa Sa’eed was born in the year 1898, the very year when Sudanese resistance collapsed to British encroachment in the battle of Omdurman. The trajectory of Mustafa’s life, along with the main events reinforces the fact that Imperialism did have a deep impact on him. Mustafa’s journey to Egypt and England are an important representation to Sudan’s relationship with its colonizers. For most of his adult life, Mustafa is shown to be warring against the colonizing powers. He has described his mind as a “sharp knife” suggesting that he was using his mind as a weapon against his colonizers. By means of his superior intellect, he will overcome the colonizers of Sudan by breaking through the system. Ultimately when he reached London, Mustafa tried to reverse Modern European colonialism’s history in the most symbolic manner. He did so by “inflicting pain and suffering on British women” (Salih, p.159). However, just like Sudan was crushed under the force of the colonial powers, Mustafa was overpowered by London when he met and married Jean Morris. For Mustafa, every night spent with his wife was like “warring with bow and sword and spear and arrows” (Salih, p. 34). This meant that Jean Morris was not like other European women who had succumbed to Mustafa and every night he was met with defeat. Several years later, Mustafa was imprisoned for murdering his wife. During the trial Mustafa claimed himself to be “a colonizer, the intruder whose fate must be decided” (Salih, p. 94).

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