Segmentation and Target Market.


The process is guided by several factors including behavioral, demographic, psychographic, and geographic factors (Reid & Bojanic, 2010).

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Apple has used behavioral segmentation with impressive effectiveness. It refers to the division of the market based on the actions of consumers. In addition, the process involves an evaluation of the consumer information available to the organization (Rollins & Perri, 2014). The release of new iPhone models is informed by the knowledge that consumers will be attracted by the possibility of upgrading their mobile phones. In addition, the iPod was released to meet the need for a portable and convenient device that can allow users to listen to music on the go. The need to create a platform from which users can access music led to the creation of the iTunes store. Apple has created a culture of brand switching due to the disruptive technology that they have consistently pioneered. Consequently, it has enabled it to create a perception as an innovative company, something that most consumers find attractive.

The organization understands consumer behavior. Although consumers are willing to acquire new technologies, they also value the existing ones. As a result, they need products that integrate the two technologies. In addition, it has features that support the integration of features of other organizations. For example, it has made it possible for consumers to access Microsoft Exchange e-mail. Consumers are attracted to technologies that enable them to retain the features they had before.

It is evident that the organization considers demographic factors as it develops its products. Firstly, products such as the iPhone have so many features that make it suitable for people of all ages from children to adults. Children can play the games that are available in its App store. Teenagers can listen to a lot of music from the iTunes store.

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