Shanghai transportation.

ating in Shanghai city and this number is expected to rise in coming years as a result of rapid industrialization and general increase in disposable income associated with the growth of Shanghai’s economy. Motorcycles have increased over the last decade as more people prefer to use them for their convenience in snaking through traffic jams. These together with a staggering 7 million bicycles significantly increase crowding in the city (Dargay et al. 2014).

Nanjing road in the city is known to be the most crowded street in the world with various holidays including New Year and Christmas among others being celebrated in it. These attract significant crowds that gather to enjoy fireworks. Shanghai is renowned for the worst rush hour traffic jams that are unmatched in any other Chinese city with a jam index of 2.16. These rush hour jams mainly occur on Monday and Thursday mornings as well as on Friday evening when the jam index as high as 2.3 has been recorded. Express ways have been built to lower the traffic jams but their effect has been minimal (Danielson, 2010).

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There are special lanes for buses with the city being home for the world’s broadest network of urban bus ways. There are a total of 1,000 bus routes that are run by many transportation firms. The Shanghai metro is a rapid transit system, which is a clever transportation idea comprising subways and light railways reaching all the major urban districts in the city and its suburbs (Chen, 2011). The Shanghai metro lines form the longest rapid rail network with a daily commuter population of over 7 million passengers. The bullet train is a rapid transport system that allows fast movements to and from Shanghai. Public transportation is not affected by airport operations and does not stop 2 miles from the airport as is the case in Los Angeles (Chinese academy of sciences, 2010).

Public transport accounts for over 90% of the daily journeys in Shanghai, which is the highest among global cities.

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