Should Business Hire Undocumented Workers.


Therefore, by accepting the undocumented immigrants the employer is violating the law, as they should always ensure that all employees are properly documented (Carroll & Buchholtz, 2010, p. 633). The ethical issues that arise in this issue is that is not morally right to employ people in the who use false names and social security numbers in order to get employment. Moreover, the employer knows that the undocumented immigrants are using false documents, and yet they are willing to employ them. The government requires the employer to use E-Verify to see whether the employee is in the database. however, there are some loopholes as proof of legal status is being passed using false names, which is unethical.

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Should Business Hire Undocumented Workers.
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Illegal immigration is primarily a social issue because the more the number of undocumented immigrants there are the more the population. In that, today with over 20 million immigrants there is a need to ensure that is sufficient employment in order for them to cater for their family’s needs. Additionally, education is significant for those immigrants who have brought along their children. However, these are a major issue because the undocumented immigrants do not pay any taxes that are required to cater for the public schools. For that reason, the United States citizens are feeling that immigrants should not be using their resources. Additionally, they require medical attention and cover and because most of them have social security numbers that are bogus, it means that they cannot have a medical cover. Hence, placing the burden on the government to ensure that they get quality health care, which legally they should not have access to, as they do not pay taxes.

Corporate social responsibility is the obligation of the corporation to maximize the good and to minimize the bad effects the organization has on the stakeholder’s diverse interests. In relation to businesses hiring undocumented worked,

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