Should college athletes have to make up missed class/assignments.

is very important for their student athletes to perform good with their lessons and assignments, and believe that education is their first main concern. as compared to the game that they are taking part in – however, in spite of everything, with all the time that games use up, they must try their level best to avoid missing classes and if it happens they should definitely make up for missed classes or coursework.

According to star news “The New Hanover Country Board of Education seems increasingly concerned with the amount of class time being lost to athletics. Even coaches are beginning to wonder and to scratch about for a solution” One reason as to why such stress is laid on keeping the required attendance is that Figures demonstrate that merely 2-3% of all athletes in college will really go professional.(Lee S. Sitkwoski) These students ought to possess other alternatives when they are done with college. Numerous student athletes in college are poorly organized for the practical life when they complete their graduation, and the majority is not ready for anything except a professional career in sports. Upholding a particular grade point average as being an athlete on sports team in college is very important to the success of the student. As a result, for all student athletes in college, it must be mandatory to sustain a specific grade point average and that can only be accomplished by keeping up with academics and not neglecting it by missing classes and then not catching up.

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 Should college athletes have to make up missed class/assignments.
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Secondly Missed information is the most understandable and essential reason not to miss a class. If an individual is not present, he or she will miss out on the lesson and other valuable course notes circulated in the class. This is all knowledge and information that improves the experience in college. Although its true that a student might possibly get the course explanation from a class fellow, it is truly not the same as actually attending class.

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