Should Organisations Transition Towards a Green Supply Chain.

The aim of this paper is to avail action plan and facilitate knowledge among supply chain professionals who need to embrace Green strategy efficiently and communicate these efforts to their commodity consumers, public and partners.

Despite the public focus on the environment, benefits attached to reducing a firm’s environmental impacts are never at the forefront of supply chain executives’ minds. It seems that many executives are still unaware of that enhanced environmental performance implies fewer environmental-permitting fees, lesser waste-disposal and training costs, and, quite, lessened material costs. Optimistically, the interest in green issues and environmental concerns by the public will never decline as economic issues become more significant due to the irresolute economy (Charter, Kielkiewicz-Young, et al. 2001). Organizations are at loggerheads in deciding whether to embrace green supply chain management due to lack of proper skills in strategic management of green supply chain. Strategic management of Green supply chain entails gathering and analyzing environmental regulations and customer needs, deliberating on the relevant environmental issues with the procurement, manufacturing and quality control department across the supply chain organizations and collapsing into development and communication of the green supply chain policies to all stakeholders of the supply chain ranging from supplier to customer’s customer. Such a lengthy and elaborative procedure presents problems for most organizations despite the intense pressure exerted by their respective governments and consumers who have turned to such firms that have not incorporated Green strategies.

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Should Organisations Transition Towards a Green Supply Chain.
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