Should the animals be used for scientific research Is it humanly.


My claim is based on the fact that I am a person of high moral standing and as a specialist in bio-medicine I understand the challenge of using human beings for certain tests. I believe that animals have rights which should be respected much like human rights should. This in effect means that I am against the use or misuse of animals in some ways.

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Should the animals be used for scientific research Is it humanly.
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Since the issue of animal experimentation is an issue of great concern, my audience comprises politicians, medical experts, animal rights activists, those who view animals as an exploitable resource, and those who have no idea about the subject.

It is believed that each year over 50 million animals are used for research world wide. Some people have argued that this goes against animal rights as testing causes pain to the animals. However, this claim is in whole a generalization. One only needs to consider the developments that have been achieved in medicine today to realize how important animal testing is to human kind.

Modern societies have developed regulations that govern the use of animals for experimentation. One such regulation is Britain’s Cruelty to Animals Act (1876). Some of the requirements are concerned with the minimization of pain and other unsuitable effects to the animal being used for a test. Claude Bernard (125), the prince of vivesectors himself stated that animal testing is exclusively for the “hygiene” and “toxicology” of man.

Many people have claimed that animals have their moral rights. For example, Tom Regan believes that animals have self consciousness, desires and beliefs and are therefore beings. These beings have inherent value and therefore rights that must be respected (Singer 346). However, Regan also states that to save human lives, killing animals is allowed.

Animal testing is carried out as a measure to preserve or protect the human being from harm. This is more clearly understood by asking.

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