Sleepless In Seattle (The Movie).


She was his perfect match. He knew it since he touched her hand for the first time. It was like magic, he says. He doesn’t believe it may happen twice in life. He decides to begin the life from a clean page and leaves for Seattle, where he buys a boat house. He’s got a wonderful 8-year-old son Jonah,

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Sleepless In Seattle (The Movie).
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who worries about him. On Christmas Eve Jonah calls the radio and speaks to Dr. Marcia about his father, who doesn’t sleep and denies having any dates. Jonah thinks his father needs a wife. Dr. Marcia feels that Sam is seriously depressed and invites him to communication. When Jonah goads his father to the phone, Sam, first reluctantly, speaks about his wife. He tells about her and their relationships in simple words that touch all the female hearts. He speaks of the magic every woman dreams of. As a result, he gets about 2,000 letters with proposals from women living all over the USA. He even agrees to date with one of them, hyena-like laughing Victoria.

Annie Reed (Ryan) is a newspaper feature writer, who loves to watch romantic old movies and is going to marry a man, offering her stability and certainty. Bill Pullman, playing her fiancé, what Hollywood calls “the Bellamy role” (“decent but dull suitors always nudged aside so that hero and heroine could go off together”) is a perfect nuisance, dull and boring. She persuades herself that there is no romantic in the world and we should live using our common sense. When she hears Sam’s story, something clicks in her head. She thinks of him, and at last writes a letter, offering to meet in New York at the Empire State building, as it was planned by the characters of the old movie she likes best of all. An Affair to Remember, which inspired Ephron and makes all the females in the film cry, had a tragic end, while Sleepless in Seattle doesn’t leave any doubt as to the happy end. Besides, Annie goes to Seattle to look at Sam and really likes him.

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