Smart baby socks Buisness plan.


The Apptrust monitor does not receive interferences from home alarms, cell phones or any other electronics. The childs data is then pushed to the cloud from which any internet connected device can access the information. If one does not own a smart phone, he or she can plug-in a USB cable to monitor information from a desktop computer or laptop, and if ones residence is connected to Wi-Fi then, any device that is an internet connected will receive the childs health data. The sock is powered by a rechargeable battery with the power lasting for two full days without recharging, unless if one excessively checks real-time vitals. When the battery runs low a notification is sent to the Smartphone or any other Wi-Fi connected device, and one can recharge using a micro USB charger. Currently, users can access the iPhone app and the Android version. Safety is key. the sock is hypoallergenic. It is wireless and does not use any adhesives. The sock electronics are contained in a water-resistant and medical-grade silicone cases to protect ones child from electrical contact.

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 Smart baby socks Buisness plan.
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Moms peace of mind, when a child is brought home from the hospital, it marks the beginning of a new era of parenting, one filled with strong love and connection to your new child, this marks the reason parents stress and worry about their childs health. The use of Apptrust sock helps relieve the stress through regular and real-time checking of the childs vital body processes. Such knowledge helps parents to overcome the worry about their childs well-being as any sudden changes can be instantly.

Aims at helping parents have better night sleeps. a study by Medical news today found out that parents lose an average of six months sleep during the initial 24 months after the child has been born. The study estimates that approximately 10% of parents manage to have two and a half hours of continuous sleep each night.

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