Sochi 2014 Olympics game,pairs figure skating,Russian player,.


The main goal of this team is to outscore its main opponents and emerge as clear winners. The fact that Russia is the hosts means that fans will come out in large numbers and support the team.

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Sochi 2014 Olympics game,pairs figure skating,Russian player,.
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The team has six members. One of them is Vera Bazarova. She is twenty-one years old and has already competed in a number of events despite her young age. She has competed at the Olympic winter games, world championships, European championships and the grand prix final. Vera loves reading, cooking and going out. She is still a student who started her sporting career in 1997. The main reason that made her to start this sport was to improve her poor health. Her main coach is Nina Mozer. Ksenia Stolbova is another team member. She is twenty-two years old and has already taken part in other championships, as well. She is a student who loves shopping and spending time with friends. She began the sport in 1997, as well. Maxim Trankov is another senior member who is thirty years old. He has lots of experience having competed in several competitions. He loves hip-hop music, using computers and reading. He studied at the Moscow State University. He is fluent in English and Russian. In 2011, he injured his shoulder while in training. Additionally, he suffered from swelling in his right arm at the 2008 world championships. Fedor Klimov is another member of the team. He is twenty-three years old and has taken part in various competitions as well. He loves football, watching television and relaxing. In 2013, he missed some two and half months of action due to injury. The coach for the team is Nina Mozer. She was born in 1964.

The team is mainly characterized by both experience and athleticism. The youngest member is aged 21 while the oldest ages 30. The older members have taken part in other events, in the past.

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