Social Factors On Consumer Tastes And Preferences.


Those who earn a good amount of money usually consume a majority of economic and cultural capital. The division may be symmetrical with balance between the economic and cultural capital or asymmetrical with the balance tilted in favour of one of the capitals. The characteristics of each of the structure are distinctive and those structures are called habitus. The lifestyles are therefore influenced by the habitus. Taste has assumed great importance in the Habitus as it is often the distinctive factor of the matching principles in the society. In cultural consumption, there has been a distinction between the rarity of the product and the easy availability of the product. The rare products are considered as precious and the more readily available ones are called vulgar. The choice of tastes of the upper class of the society is distinctively different from the lower class of the society. Taste refers to “amor fati” or the destiny’s choice, which is forced by the conditions of existence and makes the preference of the necessity. (Bordieu, 1984)

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Social Factors On Consumer Tastes And Preferences.
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Music has been an essential part of social life for thousands of years. Over the years, music has inserted a deep impact on the social life of the human beings. Eminent personalities in the history of music like Mozart, Beethoven etc. have played an important part in the popularity of music. Music was used as a tool in various social happenings, gatherings and even as a form of revolt. Great revolts in the annals of history were in some parts inspired by music.

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