Social implication of medical issues; case scenario millers family.


In our case, Lucy who is a collage student turned to drugs a way to cope with the family environment. In her family tree, most of the elders have suffered a chronic disease. The fear of knowing whether she is next or not has led her to turn to drugs as a means of escape. On top of that, she has been diagnosed with the bi polar disorder. This means that the condition that the family environment is in is pushing her emotions and mental capabilities to being a drug addict with a condition. Her parents and grand parents have been suffering from conditions that push her mentally. Many believe that these conditions are hereditary and might affect them in the near future. In the past, persons with the bipolar issue may have been called essentially irritable or even crazy on occasion. Later, the finding was called manic-despondency. While this term is still occasionally utilized, the, for the most part, acknowledged term is “bipolar dissection”. The pair real periods of bipolar protest are lunacy and sadness. There are different features of the sickness, yet they are all parts of the two. About 1 percent of the masses might be seen to have bipolar conditionюCraziness could be further separated into two classifications: hypomania and out and out lunacy. Hypomania is basically a state of extraordinary vitality and frequently high gainfulness. The individuals who never surpass this point in bipolar protestation could be incredible sales representatives or high-controlled men good to go.

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 Social implication of medical issues; case scenario millers family.
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