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The art in the area can be linked majorly on high technology manufacturing. With the development of numerous online users, Burning Man has become a major base where product and commercial products can develop (Turner, 2009). This brings in the concept of technology and how the same can make programs in the society successful.

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Social media.
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From the work of Weinberger (2011), one would argue that the same relates to that Botsman’s video (2015) and the work of Turner (2009) since this work explains how technology has transformed life. Weinberger (2011) writes that in this day, there is a possibility for the creation of machines that can even predict the future. This machine can simply compare information that exist in the past then make predication. From this description, one can tell how technology has been used as a major aspect in human lives in the society today. In as much one can question human understanding, what is evident is that technology is creating the possibility of devising systems that are major revolutions in the world today.

The same case applies to the Havas report that explains the concept of the sharing economy and the new consumers. In this work, Havas Prosumer Report (2014) explain how the consumptions have changed with consumers being smarter and having complete change of attitude as opposed to the earlier centuries. Companies have been given a chance to transform their markets, and even enter in fields that they would not have before. This has been facilitated through technology that has allowed entrepreneurs access different ways of capitalizing on the existing sources of revenue. Product designs and innovation has also been revolutionized thanks to the application of technological advances.

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