Social Media Audit and Campaign Planning-Fortune International Realty.

Social Media Audit and Campaign Planning — Fortune International Realty. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The critical aspect of the social media marketing strategy has already been outlined above which includes reviewing the ideas and practices that competitors have and also a clear determination of the resources that are needed. This includes the need to have a team in place to not only develop as well as maintain the company’s social network presence. The above plan also outlined how the administration of the site should be carried out.

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Social Media Audit and Campaign Planning-Fortune International Realty.
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In this instance, the objectives should act as a guide to determine the manner in which Fortune Realty will behave within this space and also provide the chance for the company to fully participate with the largest amount of confidence. It is important to note that having a purpose will ensure that the company has both a motive as well as guidance for all the engagements that it will have within this particular space. In having a purpose, Fortune Realty will have better opportunity to get more invitations to interact with all its numerous stakeholders. Making a decision on the objectives is key since it will enable a better decision on the technology that will be used.

In this instance, Fortune Realty’s objectives are to increase on its brand awareness and visibility. In addition, the company hopes to actively build and manage on its relationships and manage trust and also generate a large amount of word of mouth.

Ensuring that one has a specific audience in mind means that the company will have a far better idea of exactly who it is engaging with because having no restrictions means that there is a greater chance for the message to be diluted. In this instance, the firm’s audience can be its current customers, prospective customers, company staff, and the entire real estate community and business partners both local and foreign.

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