Sociology of work assignment.

The essay is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Man actually abhors unemployment as it dissociates him from society.

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Sociology of work assignment.
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The psychology of work according to sociological theories have made way for a pragmatic approach that relates the manner and circumstances available for ‘doing’ work, while constructing ‘work identity’. This has given rise to inevitable contradictions as contemporary issues have evolved as strong determining factors. The nature and dignity of a person is ought to be defined and protected through contemporary working life. There is continuous physical transformation of our environment due to several volatile factors working in tandem.

Work being a part of social life, integrity and coherence in modern work aspects in religious and ethnic background, cannot be a criterion according to Durkheim. He explained the different social components by relating them to their contributions and evolved the concept of Functionalism. For him, society was beyond just a summation of its components or ‘methodological individualism’. Through his concept of Division of Labor, Durkheim classified Traditional and Modern societies and added the theories of social evolutionism.

Traditional Societies were mechanical. Collective consciousness dominates the individual consciousness and the strength of social norms makes social behavior highly regulated. In Modern Work Society, the division of labor is extremely complex. This results in Organic Solidarity. Social roles are variegated and employment is specialized. This results in a dependency that tie people as they no longer feel to assume all the variegated roles by themselves. This is a state of enhanced division of labor that differs and is often in conflict with collective consciousness. (Emile Durkheim, Durkheim Suicide, 2006)

Richard Sennett discusses the impact of capitalist economy on workers’ lives.

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