Solar cells.

Most of the energy sources we are using at present are nonrenewable in nature.

Fossil fuel energy and nuclear energy are the popular energy sources at present. however, these energy sources are not only getting exhausted but also causing problems to the environment. Moreover these energy sources are non-renewable in nature. On the other hand, solar energy is a renewable energy source. But the technologies available to exploit solar energy is not developed properly yet. Whatever the solar energy exploitation technologies available now are expensive compared to the other energy sources and hence still we are relying on conventional energy sources such as coal, fossil fuel, nuclear energy etc. However, solar energy seems to be the most important renewable energy source which may help us to solve our energy crisis in future. “Solar energy systems consisting of solar collectors, sensible energy storage and a closed loop flow circuit” (Garg & Garg, p.75). Solar panels represent solar collectors and sensible energy storage means photovoltaic cells or solar cells.

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Solar cells.
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Solar is cell is an equipment which converts solar energy into electrical energy. Photovoltaic cells are currently used to operate solar devices. Photovoltaic cells contain certain chemicals which may undergo chemical reactions (Photovoltaic effect) in the presence of solar energy to produce electricity. Solar panels collect energy from solar radiations and transmit it to the solar cells which convert this energy into chemical energy first and then to electrical energy when required. An inverter helps the transmission of electrical energy from solar cells to the electrical circuits when needed.

It is believed that solar energy can solve the energy crisis up to certain extent if utilized properly. It should be forgotten than the solar energy exploitation technology is highly expensive.

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