Songs of andrew lloyd webber.


2. Musicals are quite diverse thematically but all of them tell a story. No matter who are the main characters of these stories, they are about human relationships. Such themes as love, friendship, beauty, care or hatred often appear in his musicals. Even if to take Jesus Christ Superstar, The Phantom of the Opera, and Evita to compare, each of these musicals tells a story about human relationships and such themes are very engaging for spectators who find it easier to understand why their favorite character do what they do.

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3. Originally, musicals are expected to be perceived as a whole, but they become so popular that people enjoy the songs apart from their original context. Songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber function successfully outside the shows. if one tries to find 10 essential pieces by Andrew Webber most of them will be taken out of different musicals. It happens because most people do not want to understand the lyrics. they simply enjoy the melody and want to listen.

4. The Songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber as staged at the Ellen Eccles theater is a critical piece to discuss because it compiles the most successful hits by Webber in one show. At the same time, it ruins the full story of each hit and it might ruin the charm and the atmosphere of musical experience. People love songs from musicals by Webber so much that almost all of them who can sing believe that they must record at least of of their favorites and upload it on YouTube. However, one needs to remember that video does not render the same amount of emotions and energy compared to live performances.

5. My favorite song by Andrew Lloyd Webber is Phantom of the Opera. I love this song because I grew up with it. It has been popular since I remember myself and I could not resist its strong melody and emotional passages. This is a good example of how one man can change the world by doing good.

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