South African News Reports.

Rens recalled an incident in which Oscar thought that a burglar had entered his house only to realize that it was nothing more than a tumbler dryer. This was not a particular incident since the prosecution cited a tweeter update in November 2012 when Pistorius talked about going into ‘core-red’ mode after entering his house but later realized that he had left the washing machine on. Additionally, the defense supported their claims about his trigger-happy nature by citing 10 visits to the shooting range.The primary witness on Monday clarified that Oscar understood private gun ownership laws in the land. All purchasers are required to fill a questionnaire that tests their knowledge of these laws. Some of the questions seek to find out if the buyer understands conditions for use of the guns. When asked whether one should shoot buglers stealing a TV, Oscar replied negatively because no life was in danger. Additionally, he selected an ideal shooting incident as a condition where burglars were pursuing the gun owner, were armed and no barrier existed between them. The questionnaire ended with a final question in which the gun owner is always expected to know their target as well as what lies beyond. 18th March, Tuesday was police captain Chris Magena’s day. He explained how he reconstructed the scene in order to establish how the crime occurred.It came to light that he was not wearing his prosthetics since the bullet trajectories supported this conclusion. The chief investigator measured the athlete.

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