The actor carries the action using the body. Therefore, the arrangement in a theater should be such that it brings the actor into contact with the reality of the scenic space. The spatial arrangement, the stage setting, and the lights should be placed in the service of the actor to bring out the harmony.

Additionally, the paintings on the backcloth of the theater should also be reflective of the actor’s object. The lighting should be moving in sync with the actors’ movement, characterized by the flexibility of flashings and shade movements. Thus, what is design? The design is that aspect in the theater that transforms the outer eye that observes, into the inner eye that sees through. Therefore, the role of design is to create a noble environment, where all emotions are possible and their expression touches the audience as much. Every play or performance on the stage has its own characteristics. What is the essence of design? The design is the means through which the characteristic of every single performance is brought out. Therefore, the design is the aspect that does not bring surprise to the audience but delivers delight and acceptance of the play/performance (71).

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What is Directing?

Directing is fundamentally a component o f casting. If the director does casting correctly, then the play or performance is eighty percent complete. Then, what does failing in casting mean? Having the wrong person in a given position of a pay means spending more time trying to make the person fit in, which does not happen. Therefore, what does directing essentially entail?

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