Spring Framework with MVC web applications.


It simplifies Java development through four key strategies

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Spring Framework with MVC web applications.
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This is the framework for the programmer or the developer who wants to develop Java application using Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs) and then non-invasively apply enterprise services (Johnson, et al., 2011). Simply put, it is a one-stop-shop solution for developers of enterprise applications. The Spring framework has several features that are categories into modules. The diagram shown illustrates the key features of Spring.

This framework avoids the clutter and gives you the ability to use only what you need. The core features of Spring framework are able to support declarative transaction management, remote access to the application logic through web services, and other main options for data persisting. Spring offers fully featured MVC framework and enables the programmer to transparently integrate AOP. Its key design is non-intrusiveness, which is no dependency on the framework. When a programmer talks about Spring, dependency injection and inversion control should echo. Dependency control makes the Spring framework more popular because it allows individuals and institutions to build robust, dependable applications that are easy to maintain.

Spring addresses the main problems of J2EE regarding web application development, Enterprise Java beans, Database access (JDBC, ORM), transaction management and Remote access. The primary purpose is to reduce dependencies and even introduce negative dependencies. Spring is largely built around dependency injection and aspect oriented programming (AOP). During runtime, dependencies are injected thereby preventing hard-coded object creation and object lookup. It enables loose coupling and helps the developer to write effective unit tests.

As a programmer, the Spring framework does need you to implement interfaces or extend classes.

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