Steamboat Bill, Jr. 1928.

Moreover, the film gets thrilling as ones goes through the incredible stunt that are dangerous (Wickström). A reflection on the plot, stunt, comedy, director, themes, and soundtrack helps in analyzing the film.

The plot of the movie begins at the steamboat. Steamboat Bill is shown as being a high tempered man but also an acclaimed pilot. He is also seen as heavily built with a strong stature as compared to his compatriots. He receives a letter of the impending son visit. The son had lived with his mother since being a child and had just graduated from a renowned college in the east. The son arrives dressed in a unique way that did not please his father. He was dressed in a polka-dot tie, beret, and pencil-thin moustache (Miller and Feaster 1). The father is also not pleased of his body stature as he thought he would meet a stocky person. As a result, the father with his mate Tom Lewis engages in ways that could transform his son. At the time of his arrival, a strong opposition faced the father in the steamboat business from the business magnate J.J. King (Tom Lewis (Miller and Feaster 1). To make the matter worse, King daughter arrives in the area for a visit and get acquaintance with William Jr. (Miller and Feaster 1). The fathers of the two are strongly opposed to their unions. In fact, they make desperate attempts to prevent the two from meeting. In the meantime, William junior shows weakness in harnessing the ropes of piloting a steamboat. On the other hand, Bill’s boat is condemned in the river as authorized by King. He is annoyed and confronts bill and this land him to jail. This provided an opportunity for William junior to prove himself as he tried to get his father from jail (Miller and Feaster 1). He also manages to save his father boat from the junk heap and reunion with Kitty (Miller and Feaster 1).

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First, film is designed in a way it captures the attention of the audience.

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