Strategic and financial analysis of Zillow.

This research will begin with the brief overview of Zillow. Zillow is a virtual merchant website, which generates revenue by selling real estate advertisements. From the last 3 years, Zillow experienced maximum financial growth. The vision of Zillow is to serve the customers worldwide with utmost quality and become one of the foremost online databases operating in the real estate industry as compared to others. In terms of business model, it can be ascertained that the online database mainly uses the approach of e-business and online business mechanism for attaining its predetermined business targets. Zillow is an online database of real estate, which was founded in the year 2005. The database is duly considered to be an ultimate destination for the individuals who possess a keen interest in buying any mortgaged property or real estate. Moreover, the database offers information about these products and/or services, which enables the consumers to make decisions about estimating the home value and also the rental price of the real estates. By taking into concern the varied facets of Zillow, the value proposition of the database in terms of providing significant benefits to the customers can be ascertained as serving effectual marketing and business technology based solutions specifically for real estate agents. Moreover, in relation to determining the value proposition of Zillow, it can be asserted that through this database, the mortgage marketplace borrowers can directly communicate with the lenders for availing mortgage rates.

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Strategic and financial analysis of Zillow.
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