Strategic Compensation Sixth edition by Joseph Martocchio

Chapter 13 CaseTelecommuting at MedExHarry Davis just finished interviewing a candidate to fill another medical billing specialist opening. As the human resources manager for MedEx, a medical billing company, harry is concerned about the high turnover rate for the specialists. Turnover is very costly for the company and Harry if any of the specialists worked from home. Harry informed him that they do not right now, but telecommuting may be an option in the near future. MedEx employs more than 100 medical billing specialists in their office located in a busy downtown metropolitan area. Each specialist works on a group of specific accounts, coding medical records and entering them into the computer system. The specialist position requires an intense 3-week training program to learn the coding system, but once they are proficient at their work, the specialists work independently on their assigned accounts. In an attempt to identify the cause of the high turnover rate. Harry asked the specialists to complete an employee survey that asked about their satisfaction with their pay., benefits, and working conditions. In general, the employees indicated with pay levels and benefits, but were not satisfied in some other areas. In the comments section of the survey, several employees noted challenges in getting to work each day. Some mentioned heavy traffic that caused long commute, while others noted the high cost of stress levels due to trying to balance their work and personal responsibilities. When asked for specific ideas on how to improve the work environment, more than half of the specialists noted the option to telecommute as a describe benefit. Because the specialists work independently, telecommuting us a feasible option. The specialists would need to work in the office at least 1 or 2 days per week in order to get updates on their accounts but it would be possible for the employees to work from home. Harry now must carefully consider whether or not to recommend offering the telecommuting option. 1.

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Strategic Compensation Sixth edition by Joseph Martocchio
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