Strategic Intelligence.


The ability to formulate timely intelligence is vital to operational personnel in making proper decisions in the dynamic environment of intelligence characterized by a variety of constantly evolving criminal, terrorist and other security threats, and by technological, social and commercial environments that are both complex and variable2.

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Congressional role in Strategic Intelligence has so far been effective and have succeeded in achieving the objectives of its creation.

The public is the largest economic unit affected by policies developed out of congressional intelligence at both national and private levels. over two thirds of government expenditure have foundations on the intelligence services provided by the oversight authority. This calls for the need of oversight intelligence authority in the formulation of government policies. Interest in oversight intelligence has been facing disputes in the recent past, mainly on reporting of highly delicate intelligence information including the peoples’ attitude on the Iraq wars. Peoples’ views in many cases tend to deviate from the congressional believes, as a result, it becomes much more difficult for the congress to protect a view that opposes their own2. Congress plays a strategic role in ensuring that the interest of the public is considered in making such decisions.

The public has made it increasingly difficult for the congress to do what it was designed to accomplish, the most famous is the information disclosed by WikiLeaks, which have so far dispatched delicate intelligence information to the public without the knowledge of the oversight intelligence. The public sees this as a failure from the side of the congress to provide them with information in time of need3. With the help of congress role of keeping the public informed, information flow have been properly managed so that Strategic Intelligence is guarded.

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