Strategic Marketing Planning Assignment.


In the 21st century the word of internet and technology is an ever-changing one and is filled with interesting startups who with their innovative ideas could pose considerable challenges to at least some of the areas where Google operates. Moreover there are other significant players like Yahoo! and MSN, who have the financial scale and technological wherewithal which could match Google. The operating environment for an organisation like Google is a complex mix of technological, social, political, economical and other factors. Especially the ever changing technological environment is bringing in newer challenges for a company like Google. Google is known as an innovative organisation but to continue its success the company would have to strategies and innovate and stay ahead of the curve. For this to happen it is extremely crucial for it to analyse its environment properly. And it should always be cautious about the game changers who could pose some threat to its business or specific business areas.

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Strategic Marketing Planning Assignment.
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One of the best tools or model to analyse the environment for Google or any other organisation would be to use what Johnson and Scholes (1996) recommend. They propose a five step approach to determine the organisation’s strategic position.

This approach is used to look into certain key issues like complexity of the environment, the level and type of interaction the firm has with its marketing environment, impact of the change in environment and it different variable on the firm, predictability of any future changes that might take place, the receptiveness of the present management in context of trends and also the capability of the firm to cope with the changing environment.

Audit of the Environmental influences and Assessment of its nature: The environment of an organisation can be analysed through the PEST model.

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